Tattoos and Shoes

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This summer, I promised myself I would wear less black and more color.  I’ve found some great pieces with color in them, but most of the colorful pieces I picked just don’t feel like me.  This, on the other hand, feels like me.  Wearing all one color like this helps create the illusion of hight for petite girls like me (and ok, the shoes help too).  I decided to wear the accessories all in another color for an interesting look.  This particular look is super-easy to pull together for a girl on the go, and can be worn all day without any outfit troubles.  These shoes are a bit too big, however, so I’ve got a DIY coming up soon for you guys where I sew some ribbons on them to help hold my feet in place.  Enjoy your Tuesday!

American Eagle shirt, Charlotte Russe skirt and heels

xx Marie

Late Summer/ Early Fall Inspiration

Erin Wasson: httppointytoeshoecrew.com20111024style-spotlight-erin-wasson

Orange Sweater: httpwww.nastygal.comcollections_riot-girlyspice-knit

White Dress: httpwww.nastygal.comback-in-stockcrossroads-dress

White and Black Dress: httpwww.romwe.comrivets-detailed-anomalous-white-dress-p-41829.html

Shoes: httpwww.rag-bone.comHarrow_Bootpdcl6258np201p2929.html


xx Marie

Dress, Take Two

I wasn’t really crazy about this dress the first time I wore it.  It was just too…girly for me.  However, I thought I’d give it another chance, and I was much more pleased this time with the result.

It was a rainy, gloomy day when I took these pictures.  To counteract the rain, I put on a pretty, bright colored dress and went to the fabric store with one of my good friends.  I ended up finding some ribbon for a shoe DIY project that you guys will be seeing soon.  It was definitely the best way to spend a rainy day!

xx Marie

Little White Dress

I just got this dress from Forever 21.  It originally came with a smaller belt, which you may see soon, but right now I like this one better.  It’s pretty much a replacement for the dress that I showed earlier on my blog, except without sleeves.  I got upset when it was too warm to wear the other one, so I fixed that.  Also, it goes really well with coral lipstick (Revlon Kiss Me Coral).  Now, how to keep it clean…?

xx Marie


A perfect outfit for running errands.  Nothing beats a sundress and converse!  I love all the colors in the skirt of this dress,  because it makes loading up on complimentary arm candy fun and easy.  Not that it’s not always fun to load up on arm candy.  Enjoy your Sunday afternoon!

BeBop dress

xx Marie


Campfire! It was much bigger and more impressive, but I forgot to take a picture of it then. Sorry. Next time.


My hiking boots. I figure within a year everyone will be wearing them. But seriously, I’ve had them for like 13 years and I hike/camp frequently and they’re still comfy and waterproof so…go LLBean! I seriously recommend them if you’re looking for hiking boots.

See that tiny little rock on the top left of the big rock on top? Without that, the big top rock would fall off. Brilliant, right? My fiance and our friend built it.

Here are my camping pictures from last weekend.  Sorry there are so many, but it was just so beautiful there.  I can’t wait to go again soon!

xx Marie


I took these pictures during a wild thunderstorm!  It’s my attempt at being on trend (mint shirt).  Normally, I wouldn’t really wear this color, but I’ve actually found it to be a very versatile shirt.

Camping was so much fun!  I still have to sort through the pictures I took, but I’ll put them up in the next couple days.  It was beautiful there!

Zara shirt and Charlotte Russe Skirt.

xx Marie


This skirt is one of my favorites to wear in the summer.  It’s cool and goes with a wide variety of tops and accessories.

I’m going camping tonight (sort of impromptu) and I can’t wait!  It’s supposed to be in the mid 90s today, and nothing beats the heat like escaping to the cool mountain woods.  Plus, there’s a swimming hole!  And, best of all, I can turn off all my electronics and live in the moment (although I promise to do my best to take lots of pictures for you guys to see).

How do you like to beat the heat on the weekend?

xx Marie

Beach Time!

I just got my new bathing suits from Forever 21!  I couldn’t decide which color to get, but thats ok because they’re only $4.50 per top or bottom.  Now all I need is some sand, sun, and a cold drink…

xx Marie

Sunny Sunday!

The weather here was beautiful, so I took my sister’s advice and experimented with new scenery.  I ended up really liking the results!

I am currently anxiously anticipating a package from Forever 21.  There’s a surprise inside for you guys to see!  Also, my bathing suits.  A couple years ago I went on a binge and threw out all my old bathing suits because they were old or ill-fitting.  Then, I never got around to getting new ones.  Don’t tell me I’m the only one who does this.  Either way, can’t wait for my package!

xx Marie